American style fighter kites are one of the newest evolutions of fighter kites. After all, America is only a couple of hundred years old....and fighter kites have been around in Asia and other parts of the world for centuries!

American style fighter kites are also often called 'modern' fighter kites. They are typically made of materials that are man-made; such as carbon fiber or fiberglass rods for the bow of the kite, flat carbon fiber for the spine of the kite and polypropylene plastic films for the covering or skin of the least this describes the materials used in the construction of a typical American style fighter kite.

American style fighter kites have a unique flying performance compared with fighter kites from other cultures. They are smaller, faster and quicker to maneuver. This performance difference is the result of the kite's design evolving to dominate in a very popular American fighter kite game by the name of 'line touch'.

In line touch competition, there are two flyers flying against each other. they often are standing about 15' feet apart and try to maneuver their kite lines in such a way to touch the opponent's kite line from on top or from under the opponent's line. the actual direction from which the touch is made is determined at the beginning of each point. even though line touch competition emulates the aerial battling of the traditional line cutting, or manjha, style of kite flying; no kite or line is cut or damaged in the line touch game.

because the length of the flying lines in line touch competitions are rarely longer than 100', the kites can fly at much faster speeds, making line touch one of the fastest, most exciting kite flying games known. this is one of the reasons for its increase in popularity, it's a ton of fun!

for more information about American style fighter kiting, go to

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